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Selling your own products with Zepo online store is easier than you think

Online business (e-commerce) has been increasing with the increase of flexibility for customers to choose whatever products  they want to buy like electronics, clothing, fashion, dialy needs, mobiles etc.It has been simple for user to select and make an order of his choice.The delivery is done in week days usually.So, It is a wise decision from every business person who is selling their products in their local stores to start an online ecommerce stores and improve their business digitally.It would never be an extra burden,but it is an extra advantage to manage an  online store individually.The below information gives you a clear knowledge on Zepo an online software to create your own online store within a day.

For whom this post is?

This post is targeted to the person who is seeking to start his own website(e-commerce) or run an online store using any tool to improve his business online.

What is Zepo?

Zepo is a simple drag and drop ecommerce site builder with lots of themes available.With zepo you can upload your product details and sell them easily like any other tools available online.To start with zepo you should know how to use internet, no technical skills is required to work with Zepo

Why only Zepo? -Features of online store

Zepo builder has got up with beautiful features that are essential for any online store.

  • Email Notifications
  • Advanced sorting
  • Simple Checkout process
  • SSL Available
  • SEO Ready
  • Payment Gateway
  • Promotional offers
  • Ecommerce Analytics
  • Logistics Support
  • Social media
  • Invoice generations
  • Bulk SMS
  • and more 10 :-)

Pricing plans of :

Good news: Free 14day trial available with full access. Try

Seed plan- Rs 2,999 / mo
Grow plan- Rs 4,999 / mo
Establish plan- Rs 6,999 / mo
Expand plan- Rs 14,999 / mo

Good news: Free 14day trial available with full access. Try


The conclusion is simple! is the best tool that every person can recommend to his friend or anyone who is looking for am ecommerce business online.Try for 14 days and experience the zepo features if you are still having doubt.

Hello everyone! I am Uday kiran a passionate blogger, Web designer, SEO Consultant, Freelancer.I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science.I am mad of blogging so started my third blog related to Ecommerce stores.


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