Grofers leading online grocery store shuts down in 9 cities

Grofers had shut down its services in Visakhapatnam, Mysuru, and 9 more cities:

The leading online grocery store had to close its services in nine cities as there was not even minimum pace to run their business.The cities in this list were Kochi, Vizag, Coimbatore, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Mysore, Nashik, and Rajkot.

“We have closed operations in the following cities as we did not see these cities grow at the pace we expected. We are investing in areas where we are seeing great uptake,” said Saurabh Kumar, co-founder, Grofers. He added that the company stopped operations in a phased manner that included offering positions to the employees in other cities. “Some of the employees have moved with us while others opted to leave.”
The main for business is to seek growth,as there was no market in these cities the online stores are being closed.Of course there are some local online groceries are trying there luck to compete with big startups like PepperTap, Grofers, Zopnow and Bigbasket.The growth is expected but not all of sudden.So, there is still time for online grocery stores to establish their full time business in all remaining cities.

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Best Hosting for Wordpress in 2016 Inmotion Hosting

Recommended Hosting for any WordPress sites, e-commerce cart

Inmotion Hosting is the best recommended hosting partner for any of your websites, online stores, script hosting, VPN servers etc.It is the best and cheap hosting provider for ecommerce websites, shopping cart and WordPress hosting in 2016.


2016 ecommerce hosting provider

Do you know why Inmotion hosting is ahead in competition? Here are the best reasons and features to answer your question Why you should choose Inmotion hosting.These are some serious answers to its competitors from Inmotion hosting team.

90 Day money back guarantee - No hosting provider offers such long money back guarantee
Free SSD -  If you're running a database intensive e-commerce cart or a static HTML site, you can use solid-state drives to increase the performance of your site to your audience.This Inmotion hosting provides you free SSD for every plan you subscribe.
Free Data Backups - There are no extra charges for your data backups.All backups are performed regularly to make your sites data safe and secure.
Free Domain - With all hosting plans you choose from Inmotion hosting you can avail a free domain for 1 year.
Google Apps Integration - Google offers Google apps for business, easy to use tools like Gmail, Google docs, forms etc for your business.It provides easy installation.
One click installer - To install your own scripts it offers one click installer to easily install in minutes.
Available for all Latest languages - Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python etc
Secure Email services using IMAP


Pricing Plans of Inmotion Hosting:

The best hosting plans, affordable and cheap prices with all excellent and essential features for your business online, Checkout al the pricing plans that are accounted monthly and annually.
4.89$ per month
6.29$ per month
10.49$ per month

Hosting tools of Inmotion Hosting:

The below tools are offered by this hosting provider.All the tools can be easily installed with one click installer that comes with every Inmotion hosting plans.
  • Wordpress
  • Prestashop
  • cPanel
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Opencart
  • Moodle
  • BoldGrid -New Wordpress website builder


Inmotion hosting providers are the best wordpress hosting providers fro 2015, 2016 in India which is reviewed by great experts.To host a blog,Wordpress websites, PrestaShop e-commerce site, shopping cart Inmotion hosting is the best place 

How to setup best ecommerce online store in India 2016

Start your own ecommerce business in India

Try the best ecommerce software to start a free online business in India. Shopify has made the online business process so simple that every local business owner can start selling his products online.The Shopify is the largest ecommerce software with over lakhs of customers worldwide.

The below video gives you a clear picture on How to build an ecommerce website using Shopify

Your complete guide on creating a beautiful website with Shopify and manage all your features that comes with the product.

Why you should choose Shopify to create your online cart website?

Yes, It is a common doubt that arises when we are purchasing a products or choosing a service.Here choosing Shopify is not only a option for local business owners from India or any part from the world it also a great place to start with.Shopify has over 500 experts who are dedicated for all customer management, technical support services. This products has linked with over 70 Payment Gateways which is on a high secure direction.

Shopify ( a best way to start your online business) also allows you to try their product for 14 days.If you wish their services and product and geatures are good(excellent), you can continue with a 3 month plan or 6month plan or annual plan.Know more about pricing plans.

How to sell products using Snapdeal seller account

How do I sell my products and register with Snapdeal? is an India's leading online platform with over 500+ categories.Snapdeal provides every local business seller to open a seller account and sell his products along with snapdeal.This is a great opportunity for every business owner and those who want to start a new online business.Here I will be guiding you about why you should sell with Snapdeal and The Step by Step process of selling, register to Snapdeal seller account.
Step by Step process for selling with Snapdeal

Why should you choose Snapdeal to sell your products?

Snapdeal advisors: 

                 SD Advisor will always assist you to grow your business once you have partnered with them.

Free Training:

                Online training will be provided by expert team at your convenient time to know how it works and functions

Easy to use Seller panel: 

               The seller panel is easy to use and work with.Track all your insights, orders, products, payments easily.

Now you got the reason why you should choose Snapdeal to sell your products.Now know How to signup and register for seller account in Snapdeal.


How to start selling products online with Snapdeal ?

The simple steps will guide you in selling your products with Snapdeal.

1)Register to list your products:

  • Before listing your products, you must register to the account at
  • Documents required during registration - .Current Bank Account, VAT/CST Registration, TIN no, Registered Business Name, PAN Card, Canceled Cheque.
  • Once the documents are verified, you will be allowed to list your products.For photos of products Snapdeal professional service team will assist you.
  • SD Advisor is allotted to guide you and help you to grow your business.

2)Receive orders through mail or seller panel:

  • Once listing your products in Snapdeal is done ith will be visible to 4 crore customers across India.
  • Whenever an order is placed, you will be notified to ship the products
  • After successful shipping of the order the snapdeal will transfer the amount
  • With Snapdeal Plus facility, simply hand over the responsibilities of inventory storage, packaging & delivering the orders to us
Note: Snapdeal will not charge any fee for listing your products or during registration, but will take a commission on every order that you make.The amount will vary accordingly with the type of order.

3)Grow your business:

Receive your payments after every successful order.Expand your business with low interest & collateral-free business loans through Capital Assist

Commission charges by Snapdeal in seller account:

As said earlier, they will not charge any extra fee for registering in seller account or during product listing.But, they will take a commission for every order you receive.The charges vary and depend on the type of order the seller receives.Generally, Snapdeal charges are from 4% to 20% per every sale.

If you are not happy with Snapdeal seller account then you have good alternatives waiting!

Complete Guide on selling your products with Shopify 2016

How to sell my products using Shopify and make millions?

You have chosen a good software SHOPIFY.But, before starting your online ecommerce store business with Shopify, Know why this has been your best place to sell your products.Setup and Guide to use of shopify.Here you will know about How to use Shopify, Shopify in India, How good is Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce software that lets you sell your own products online with their software.The software has got up with very useful features that are essential for every online store.If selling products was you motto then start a free trial and check how shopify works and take decision.
shopify sell products online

Features of Shopify Ecommerce:

  • Number of Themes
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Website builder
  • Blogging platform
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Product reviews
  • Gift cards
  • Unlimited listings
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily backups
  • Traffic and Analytic reports
  • 24/7 Support

Pricing plans of Shopify:

Free 14 day trial available in Shopify - Try Shopify
Lite - 9$ per month
Basic - 29$ per month
Pro - 79$ per month
Unlimited - 179$ per month

Stores already using Shopify website builder:


When coming to my recommendation Shopify would be at first place always.The way the support team works, features provided, mobile commerce, payment gateways etc are the driving points to Shopify in India and all over world.As per recent stats over 200,000 stores are from Shopify.Undoubtedly Shopify is the best choice to start your ecommerce business.