How to sell products using Snapdeal seller account

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How do I sell my products and register with Snapdeal? is an India's leading online platform with over 500+ categories.Snapdeal provides every local business seller to open a seller account and sell his products along with snapdeal.This is a great opportunity for every business owner and those who want to start a new online business.Here I will be guiding you about why you should sell with Snapdeal and The Step by Step process of selling, register to Snapdeal seller account.
Step by Step process for selling with Snapdeal

Why should you choose Snapdeal to sell your products?

Snapdeal advisors: 

                 SD Advisor will always assist you to grow your business once you have partnered with them.

Free Training:

                Online training will be provided by expert team at your convenient time to know how it works and functions

Easy to use Seller panel: 

               The seller panel is easy to use and work with.Track all your insights, orders, products, payments easily.

Now you got the reason why you should choose Snapdeal to sell your products.Now know How to signup and register for seller account in Snapdeal.


How to start selling products online with Snapdeal ?

The simple steps will guide you in selling your products with Snapdeal.

1)Register to list your products:

  • Before listing your products, you must register to the account at
  • Documents required during registration - .Current Bank Account, VAT/CST Registration, TIN no, Registered Business Name, PAN Card, Canceled Cheque.
  • Once the documents are verified, you will be allowed to list your products.For photos of products Snapdeal professional service team will assist you.
  • SD Advisor is allotted to guide you and help you to grow your business.

2)Receive orders through mail or seller panel:

  • Once listing your products in Snapdeal is done ith will be visible to 4 crore customers across India.
  • Whenever an order is placed, you will be notified to ship the products
  • After successful shipping of the order the snapdeal will transfer the amount
  • With Snapdeal Plus facility, simply hand over the responsibilities of inventory storage, packaging & delivering the orders to us
Note: Snapdeal will not charge any fee for listing your products or during registration, but will take a commission on every order that you make.The amount will vary accordingly with the type of order.

3)Grow your business:

Receive your payments after every successful order.Expand your business with low interest & collateral-free business loans through Capital Assist

Commission charges by Snapdeal in seller account:

As said earlier, they will not charge any extra fee for registering in seller account or during product listing.But, they will take a commission for every order you receive.The charges vary and depend on the type of order the seller receives.Generally, Snapdeal charges are from 4% to 20% per every sale.

If you are not happy with Snapdeal seller account then you have good alternatives waiting!

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