How to sell my products online for free in 2016

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Best ways to start your business online in 2016

How can I sell my products online and manage my own online store without hiring anyone.
The rise of online business is making everyone turn to online stores.I am here to share the best ways to start your online business, start your own online e-commerce store.The below guide will clear your doubts on starting your online e-commerce store business and start selling products to your local and global customers.

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Start your own website

One way where you can create your own products list and sell them using your own website.For this you can hire a company or hire a freelance who can design/develop your e-commerce website and manage your all sales.
Wordpress using Woocommerce plugin

This is the best way which I recommend for a beginner who is seeking to start his business online.These online stores offer you a wide range of features like a software using whuch you update your products list and sell.Perfect shopping cart, with more themes, mobile ready, marketing tools etc.Some of the best stores offering ecommerce software are


Partnership with e-commerce stores

Some of the famous online e-commerce stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Oyeshoppy, eBay etc offer you a seller program where you need to signup for your own seller program and start selling your products online with the help of their resources.A small commission should be given to them for every products that is sold.

In the coming posts I will be giving you detailed knowledge on setting up your own e-commerce store and manage your business like a professional one.When running your store you have to consider some technical related issues which will be discussed in MyOnlineStores

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